A Joint Initiative of DRVR Training & Queensland Trucking Association

Why Take This Course?

Do you understand the new hygiene expectations for truck and delivery drivers?

  • Ideal for Road Freight Industry Workers

    Including: truck drivers (all sectors, all types of freight, supplies and services); courier and delivery drivers; operations and compliance staff working with drivers; other staff/owners/directors responsible for Risk Management Plans

  • Why this course exists

    At DRVR Training, we feel a responsibility to provide as much valuable information to professional drivers as possible. We provided free training during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and this revised FREE course is designed to give truck and delivery drivers information on hygiene practices that will keep you safe, reassured and confident into the future.

  • What you'll learn

    This course is available to all truck and delivery drivers and provides information on hygiene practices. In 30 minutes you'll cover all the basics you need to know relevant to your role, sanitising your vehicle, considerations for each trip to help you be aware of how to prevent the spread of viruses and infection.

What's Included In This Course?

Suitable for All Truck & Delivery Drivers

    1. 1.1 Introduction

    2. 1.2 What are Viruses and Bacterial Infections?

    3. 1.3 How is COVID-19 Spread?

    4. 1.4 When Are Drivers At Risk?

    5. 1.5 How to Protect Yourself

    6. 1.6 What to Do

    7. QUIZ - What You Need to Know about COVID-19

    1. 2.1 When to Sanitise Your Vehicle

    2. 2.2 Which Surfaces to Sanitise

    3. 2.3 How to Sanitise Your Vehicle

    4. 2.4 Sunshine and Fresh Air

    5. QUIZ - Sanitation

    1. 3.1 Social Distancing

    2. 3.2 Plan Your Route & Rest Stops

    3. 3.3 Prepare for Border Closures

    4. 3.4 At the Depot or Warehouse

    5. 3.5 Truck Stops

    6. 3.6 ZERO Contact Delivery

    7. 3.7 Communicate With Your Customers & Work Mates

    1. 4.1 Proper Hand-Washing Protocol

    2. 4.2 Why Soap is Best As The First Defence

    3. 4.3 Personal Hygiene

    4. 4.4 Resources

    5. QUIZ - Final

About this course

  • Free
  • 24 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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