Fatigue Management Training

Professional Fatigue Management Training for Drivers

Whether you’re a limousine, taxi or rideshare driver, our training offers a convenient and cost-effective way to meet your fatigue management requirements. Keep you and your passengers safe. This course provides relevant examples to help professional drivers gain a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of fatigue risks and how to manage them. It includes identifying and acting on signs of fatigue and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue – especially for rideshare drivers who may work during the day and drive at night. Upon successful completion, the learner will receive a Certificate of Completion. Enrol today and educate yourself fully on the impact of fatigued driving.
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What This Course Includes

    1. 1.1 What Is This Course All About?

    2. 1.2 Understanding Driver Fatigue

    3. 1.3 Quick Facts about Driver Fatigue

    4. 1.4 Sleep Deprivation & Fatigue

    5. 1.5 Lack of Quality of Sleep

    6. 1.6 Your Body Clock

    7. 1.7 Workplace-Related Causes

    8. 1.8 Medical Causes

    9. 1. 9 Your Lifestyle

    10. 1.10 Psychological Causes

    11. 1.11 How to Detect Fatigue – The Danger Signs

    12. 1.12 How Fatigue Impacts Driving Performance?

    13. All About Fatigue Quiz

    1. 2.1 Consequences of Fatigued Driving

    2. 2.2 Preventing Fatigue Through Sleep

    3. 2.3 Preventing Fatigue Through Lifestyle

    4. 2.4 When Mild Fatigue Strikes While Driving

    5. 2.5 Knowing your Company's Fatigue Management Policy

    6. Your Responsibilities Quiz

    1. 3.1 Staying Alert at the Wheel

    2. 3.2 Knowing Your Car's Safety Features vs Fatigue

    3. 3.3 Knowing the Road Well

    4. 3.4 Before You Drive

About this course

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  • 23 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Stay Safe on the Road

Gain better understanding of fatigue and as it relates to limousine, rideshare and independent taxi drivers

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