Fatigue Management Training

Professional Fatigue Management Training for Drivers

Whether you’re a limousine, taxi or rideshare driver, our training offers a convenient and cost-effective way to meet your fatigue management requirements. Keep you and your passengers safe. This course provides relevant examples to help professional drivers gain a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of fatigue risks and how to manage them. It includes identifying and acting on signs of fatigue and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue – especially for rideshare drivers who may work during the day and drive at night. Upon successful completion, the learner will receive a Certificate of Completion. Enrol today and educate yourself fully on the impact of fatigued driving.

What This Course Includes

  • 1

    All About Fatigue

    • What Is This Course All About?
    • Understanding Driver Fatigue
    • Quick Facts about Driver Fatigue
    • Sleep Deprivation & Fatigue
    • Lack of Quality of Sleep
    • Your Body Clock
    • Workplace-Related Causes
    • Medical Causes
    • Your Lifestyle
    • Psychological Causes
    • How to Detect Fatigue – The Danger Signs
    • How Fatigue Impacts Driving Performance?
    • All About Fatigue Quiz
  • 2

    Your Responsibilities

    • Consequences of Fatigued Driving
    • Preventing Fatigue Through Sleep
    • Preventing Fatigue Through Lifestyle
    • When Mild Fatigue Strikes While Driving
    • Knowing your Company's Fatigue Management Policy
    • Your Responsibilities Quiz
  • 3

    How to Ensure a Safe Journey

    • Staying Alert at the Wheel
    • Knowing Your Car's Safety Features vs Fatigue
    • Knowing the Road Well
    • Before You Drive

Stay Safe on the Road

Gain better understanding of fatigue and as it relates to limousine, rideshare and independent taxi drivers

ENROL NOW | $49 (incl. GST)