What's changed?

On the 1st February 2019, the Department of Transport and Main Roads notified industry that all taxi, rideshare and limousine drivers in Queensland are required to complete Anti-Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Disability Awareness training by 1st August 2019. A 6 months transition period was put in place to prepare industry for the changes.
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What will happen?

If a driver hasn’t completed the necessary training by 1st August 2019, they can face a fine for 20 penalty units ($2,611). The fine for BEAs and Service Operators using non-complying drivers is 40 penalty units ($5,222), per driver. By not completing Anti Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Disability Awareness training, you expose yourself to legal action by unknowingly breaching the Act while on the job. Be informed. You also risk the loss of income, as your Booking Entity will need to prove your compliance before allowing you to work for them beyond 1st August deadline. They can refuse you work until compliance is obtained.

How does this affect Booking Entities?

From 1 August 2019, drivers must be trained before they provide a service and authorised booking entities (BEAs) and service operators must ensure their drivers are trained prior to providing a service. Penalties may apply for drivers, BEAs and operators.
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What should drivers do?

If you are an owner-operator or work for multiple BEAs, choose a reputable training provider such as DRVR Training, to avoid risk. BEAs and Service Operators are within their rights to refuse certification from unknown training providers. This course is 100% tax deductible.
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Who endorses us?

Our Anti-Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Disability Awareness course is the approved course of industry bodies and many large operators in QLD.