About Industry Partnerships

When we identify an opportunity to help drivers and support the industry we reach out to peak bodies with our solution and work collaboratively to deliver a product. Likewise, industry will reach out to us to develop a course or customise an existing course to a specific sector of the industry. 

We also support associations by supplying private courses on our platform, exclusively available to their members. 

Our Learning Platform has many  features above a stock standard online training course. You’ll be surprised by what we can do.

Some features you can take advantage of:

  • Training courses with various forms of assessment including video assessment to be approved by the instructor.
  • Videos, text and audio lesson or a combination of all three. 
  • Surveys
  • Course discussion (when we enable discussions on a course so your students can communicate with the instructor
  • Membership courses
  • Drip courses
  • Revenue Share & Affiliate Links
  • Multilingual dashboard 
  • Customised certificates
  • Secure site
  • Customised course completion pages and enrolment emails
  • Hidden or public courses
  • Customised  and co branded landing page

When we partner in a project we can also provide additional support and develop effective marketing materials, such as a landing page, flyers, email marketing assets and social media posts, to help your organisation promote your course.


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