About Our International Partnership Solutions

What We Offer

  • A business opportunity with low overheads, that you can run from your laptop, wherever there’s an internet connection.
  • Fully branded online training platform.
  • We'll work with you to customise all of our courses to cater to the needs in your country and regions within your country.
  • Full suite of marketing assets for you to use.
  • Our course building expertise to help develop additional courses required in your country. 
  • Our expertise and advice – learn from our experience and benefit from our can-do attitude.  
  • A team to work with, lean on and grow with, while still running your own business.

What we look for in a Partner

  • Experienced in the Transport Industry.
  • Well connected and regarded in one or more sectors of the transport industry.
  • Experienced in running a business, either for yourself or in a management position. 
  • Seasoned sales professional who knows how to drive a business and build lasting relationships with clients. 
  • Understanding of training requirements and regulations in your country.
  • Strong computer skills and understanding of the basics of running an online business and online marketing.
  • A can-do attitude coupled with the ability to work collaboratively as well as the drive to get out there and grow a business.

An advantage, but not required:

  • Senior position in an industry peak body.
  • Experience working with and existing relationships with regulators and industry decision-makers.

Maybe you have an existing business in the transport industry with a well established brand. You see our training solution becoming one of your services. Alternatively, you may have previously had an interest in the industry, still have  strong relationships and are looking for a new opportunity.  

Our platform is multilingual, which means we are open to exploring exclusive partnership agreements in countries using languages other than English.

If you would like to explore this opportunity further let's set up a call. 

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