About Whitelabel Solutions

One of the greatest benefits of choosing DRVR Training is our broad experience in both training and development and the transport industry. 

Our team consists of:

  • Training content developers, specialising in adult education

  • Transport Industry specialists and representatives

  • Designers and technical developers

  • Student support specialists

At DRVR Training we work closely with regulatory departments, service providers and sector specialists.

The DRVR Training team is adept at:

  • Developing and delivering training for drivers, to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Developing effective online training courses to cater to adult learners of varying educational backgrounds, cultures, learning styles. 
  • Developing training for adult learners where English is the second language.
  • Developing engaging training material using relevant examples, in a language easily understood by every learner. 
  • Conducting training needs analysis and training reviews to ensure desired competencies and outcomes are being met and retained.
  • Solving your problems. Our system has many features that can be manipulated to create solutions to streamline your on-boarding and training process. 

We develop courses with: 

  • Visual learning cues to aid retention and increase engagement.
  • Straightforward, plain English communication, written with ESL in mind.
  • Audio, video and text-based lessons.
  • Users can see where they are up to in the course when they login.
  • Competency can be viewed from the user dashboard, including
    completion progress, certificates and profile information.
  • Examples mentioned throughout the course puts the lesson into real-world context for the Drivers. 
  • The LMS is provided by a Canadian owned and operated company. 

Some features you can take advantage of:

  • Training courses with various forms of assessment including video assessment to be approved by the instructor.
  • Videos, text and audio lesson or a combination of all three. 
  • Surveys
  • Course discussion. When we enable discussions on a course so your students can communicate with the instructor.
  • Membership courses
  • Drip courses
  • Multilingual dashboard 
  • Customised certificates
  • Secure site
  • Customised course completion pages and enrolment emails
  • Hidden or public courses
  • Fully customised website and learning dashboard

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