Taking care of your driver training.

BEAs and Service Operators have enough to worry about when it comes to maintaining compliance across their business, keeping customer service standards high, and ensuring the team are working together effectively. DRVR Training exists to shoulder the burden of providing affordable Driver training – giving you peace of mind, without it breaking the bank. We are committed to supporting drivers and operators to skill-up and become compliant in the most seamless and cost-effective way. At the end of the day, you deserve drivers who are trained to treat your clients respectfully while protecting your good name and client base. We invite you to get in contact to discuss the needs of your team.

Got a few people to train?

Save money and organise group online training for your team Group discounts available.

White-labelling Solutions

Ideal for large Booking Entities

Our white-labelling solutions provide robust and sophisticated online learning opportunities for larger booking entities looking for a bespoke solution. Whether you want a branded online training experience, custom course development or the implementation of your internal training practices – we can co-create a solution with you.

Bespoke Course Development.

Tailored to your business

We know one size rarely fits all. If you have specific training needs in your organisation, let us help you bring those to life. Whether it's modifying and adapting one of our existing courses, building customised on-boarding training for your team, or translating offline courses and making them accessible online. Our team are at your service.

Learn more about the Queensland DTMR Training Requirements

Is your business protected?

All Queensland Taxi, Limousine & Ride Share drivers are required to complete Anti Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Disability Awareness training.

As a BEA/Service Provider, it’s your responsibility to ensure your drivers have completed this training. Drivers failing to meet these requirements will face a fine for 20 penalty units ($2,611). The fine for BEAs and Service Operators using non-complying drivers is 40 penalty units ($5,222).

What's the solution?

DRVR Training offers Anti Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Disability Awareness training, which has been developed specifically for drivers. It covers everything your drivers need to know to satisfy the training requirements. If you are ever audited, or one of your drivers has an issue with compliance, DRVR can back you up with all the evidence you require. You can also rest assured that the course will maintain relevancy with the current legislation, and you will be notified if anything changes to keep you protected.

These courses are also used by BEAs and Service Providers across Australia and New Zealand and is quickly becoming industry-standard training.