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ENROL NOW | $99.50 (incl. GST)

What does it cost?

This course satisfies Part 1 of the DTMR training requirements

This course is suitable for all Queensland rideshare drivers

About the course

This course covers:

Types of discrimination and how discrimination occurs, How to avoid discrimination, Culturally appropriate communication, What is sexual harassment and how to avoid it, and Your legal responsibility in regards to discrimination.

Completion of this course satisfies the regulatory requirements, in QLD, for all Rideshare holders to complete the Anti Discrimination and Sexual Harassment training component. Add the Disability Awareness training for full compliance.

This course is developed by a team of experienced Passenger Transport Operators & Corporate Trainers. The course is easy to understand and written specifically for drivers.

This course is not just about ticking off the required competencies. We believe that if you spend time doing training, that training should make you better at your job. That's why all of the examples and quiz content in the course are about rideshare drivers and what you encounter while working.

You can complete the course through our online training portal on your computer, phone or tablet.

100% Tax Deductible.